Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Australasia


In 2004, the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) at the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, the University of Auckland, and the Contemporary European Research Centre (CERC) at the University of Melbourne, were designated the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Australasia.

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is coordinated by the NCRE and acts as a focal point for developing an effective research network of scholars involved in the broad study of the European Union. This trans-Tasman network is designed to facilitate joint research activities at both the graduate and staff level through sponsoring academic exchanges and mobility. The network currently involves four Jean Monnet chairs, several Jean Monnet teaching modules as well as research projects funded by the Jean Monnet Action programme.

The Centre of Excellence is funded by the European Commission as part of the Jean Monnet Action programme, a European Commission initiative to promote knowledge on European integration around the world.

The Centre of Excellence webpage is administered by the National Centre for Research on Europe, and hosted by the University of Canterbury.